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A smarter way to manage

Comfort problems require constant service calls, significant investment, higher energy use, noisy or ugly air conditioners and plug-in heaters. Sometimes with no result.

TEMPLOK by Insolcorp uses PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL [PCM] to naturally absorb and release heat, making comfort control easier.

No Maintenance. Lower Energy Costs. Hidden from Sight!

PURCHASE 16" x 24" Templok™

Ideal for Residential, Commercial & Industrial “In-Wall/Ceiling” Applications, New Construction and more.

PURCHASE 24" x 24" Templok™

Designed for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Buildings where Templok is placed over ceiling tiles, exposed at roof decks/walls and loose laid or placed within roofing.

Passive Thermal Energy Storage [P-TES]™

The Phase Change Material [PCM] inside every Templok Tile is designed to passively store thermal energy helping reduce energy demand and consumption.

Passive Thermal Energy Storage [P-TES]™ is a unique form of energy storage by Insolcorp that requires no moving parts, no maintenance, and no wearing out. So it’s literally “set it and forget it”.

By placing Templok PCM inside your structure, the PCM acts just like ice inside a cooler to help regulate temperature. But unlike ice, our PCM will freeze and melt at your chosen temperature setpoint, allowing it to constantly and passively freeze and melt.


Above Suspended Ceilings



Air inside a building changes temperature fast.

Heat gains from solar, occupants, equipment and other sources causes internal surface temperatures to rise in temperature.

Even though air conditioning is lowering air temperature, it struggles to stabilize surface temperature as easily.

Comfort and energy challenges result.

WITH Templok PCM

Templok PCM tiles work to absorb the heat developing inside the building, stabilizing surface temperatures. Particularly at ceilings where heat rises most.

SUMMER: As the PCM melts it absorbs heat on  summer days to slow down or avoid A/C use. Re-charging is achieved overnight with free ventilation or high efficiency cooling early morning to boost results.

WINTER: Once the PCM has absorbed heat from solar gains, occupants, equipment and HVAC operations it can be used to release this stored heat back into the space. Especially at night.

Set It and Forget It

Insolcorp’s world leading phase change materials are available in custom select temperatures, so you can match the right PCM with the right temperature for your building.


So when you’re busy doing what’s important, your Templok PCM tiles are constantly working to help naturally absorb and release energy to keep your space comfortable and efficient.

TEMPLOK PCM Panel Pricing Information

Purchase Templok PCM Panels in small quantities [Up to 1,440sf] using the pricing link below.

PURCHASE 16" x 24" Templok™

PURCHASE 24" x 24" Templok™



Projects or Orders using greater than 1,440sf (1 Pallet) of Templok PCM Tile have additional pricing tiers. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 800-509-2199 for custom material and freight quote.