Global Leader in Phase Change Materials
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Global Leader in Phase Change Materials

Thermal Energy. Stored.

Insolcorp delivers transformative solutions to Energy, Comfort, Resilience and Temperature Management.  

Clients across the globe choose us due to our breadth of technology and products, delivered with industry changing INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS.

Looking for a solution to your energy or temperature problem?

Our Solutions

Energy Savings

Reduce HVAC energy use using technology that requires ZERO daily or ongoing maintenance.

Demand Management

Store thermal energy when power is cheap and save when it's expensive.

Temperature Management

Your Building, Your Product or Your People at the temperature you need.

Comfort & Resilience

A brilliant passive solution to maintaining comfort, production and protection to downtime.

What are Phase Change Materials?

Insolcorp phase change materials are built around a fundamental property of Nature: 
The natural tendency of materials to absorb heat when they melt (phase change from solid to liquid/gel) and to release heat when they solidify (phase change from liquid/gel to solid). When these phase change materials are placed in quantity within a building, container or custom application, they will provide a natural and passive cooling effect when melting and provide the same passive heating effect when re-freezing. 

PCM works just like the ice inside a cooler. As it melts and freezes, it keeps the cooler at 0ºC / 32ºF. At Insolcorp we leverage this same law of science to achieve the same outcome at many custom temperatures. Providing the ability to keep your food, your building, your medication, your products and people at the temperature you want, for longer.

Our Solutions

Ultra Low Temperature (ULT Kits)



Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer Kits of our One of A Kind, Patent Pending -70C PCM. Increase ULT Freezer Hold Time by HOURS and Save Energy!

Cold Chain & OEM

Custom solutions, tailoring our world class PCM library and performance with our packaging expertise, to provide the solutions needed for BioPharma, Food & Cold Chain Transport.

Bulk PCM

Bulk PCM

With the largest library of Inorganic and Organic PCM’s in the world, our solutions are available for purchase in small or large volume quantities, customized to your application or project.

Proven Results

  • Field Validation Studies by Independent Labs confirmed increased ULT Hold Times
  • Significant ULT energy savings (20% to 35%)
  • Reductions in Energy Demand
  • Improved Reliability

ULT Kits tested up to 8 hours additional hold time vs TSX700 without ULT Kits during power loss. 20% Savings vs -86C Setpoint without ULT Kits

StageBio ULT Kit Test Study
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