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Temperature Control

Mineral Based, Non Flammable Temperature Control solutions for as low as Ultra Cold -70ºC [-94ºF] needs and High Temperature 78ºC [172ºF] needs.

The challenges of shipping temperature sensitive products is an ever expanding need in todays world. With a global increase in demands for vaccine distribution, food delivery, and temperature controlled storage needs, Phase Change Materials play a critical role in solving such complex logistical challenges.

Insolcorp’s PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS [PCM] offer safe, mineral or organic based, high performing phase change materials available in USA, Europe and Pacific.

From 70ºC to -70ºC, WE’VE GOT SOLUTIONS

Our Cold Chain Solutions

Insolcorp’s PCM is available in a wide range of temperatures. 

Unlike many cold chain companies, we do offer PCM’s which can freeze/melt at below -40ºC and below -70ºC. 

Even better, our PCM’s primarily use mineral based, non-flammable technology. Our solutions won’t burn or combust and offer a brilliant alternative OR combination to dry ice, liquid nitrogen or simply a “compliment” to your conventional -20, -40 or -70ºC freezer solution.

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The Options You Need

Insolcorp’s world leading phase change materials are available in custom select temperatures, so you can match the right PCM with the right temperature for your needs.


The temperatures listed here are an abbreviated list of common temperatures. We offer an extensive library of solutions, and can provide custom engineered solutions including both PCM and Encapsulation. So please contact us to learn more.

Going The Extra Mile

Our PCM solutions are designed to change the way you think about logistics. For every extra hour of temperature control, there thousands or maybe millions of new people you can reach. It’s our passion…

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