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PCM Technology

Whether you are learning about PCM for the first time, or you’ve using the technology for year – we’ve got your back.

What are Phase Change Materials?

Phase Change Materials (PCM) and PCM products take advantage of a fundamental property of nature:

The natural tendency of materials to absorb heat when they melt (phase change from solid to liquid/gel) and to release heat when they solidify (phase change from liquid/gel to solid).

When used in any number of applications, they will naturally work to dramatically increase THERMAL MASS providing year round comfort with less requirement for heating and cooling energy.

Insolcorp has developed a vast catalogue of High Performance, Field Proven, Inorganic & Organic PCM Formulations, as well as extensive experience in developing and marketing PCM Products

How it Works:

Think of a building like a drink cooler. Most modern buildings have light weight construction with good insulation inside the walls, with a nice tight shell and lid (roof). On a warm summer day, instead of using refrigeration to keep the contents of the cooler cold, we instead rely on phase change material – ICE.

As the ice melts at 32ºF (0ºC) it absorbs tremendous amounts of energy, and keeps the cooler at 32ºF (0ºC) until fully melted. If a shock winter cold event were to take place, plummeting temperatures below that 32ºF (0ºC) level the water would then begin to re-freeze and actually “heat” the cooler. The result is a cooler that stays well within the 32ºF range without the need for any heating or cooling equipment.

Stop & Think About This:

Imagine your drink cooler had windows and doors. And people constantly creating heat inside the cooler, and fans that exchange the air inside the cooler. Can you ever imagine removing the ice out of the cooler in favor of spending money on refrigeration? 

No – You’d be sure to keep the ice inside the cooler and use refrigeration to help supplement and manage the ice so it is constantly freezing and melting.

And yet today, we’ve removed all the thermal mass from our buildings, and focused on thicker and tighter wall insulation, more efficient HVAC systems and more sophisticated control systems. But we haven’t focused on the most important part of the equation – thermal mass.

Until now!!!

Insolcorp PCM

Insolcorp’s PCM products are designed and applied to have the same effect inside a building, BUT at room temperature, or other common building design temperatures.

The result is that our PCM’s work just like the ice inside a cooler, but to keep your building or HVAC system passively closer to peak performance & setpoint.

Why Choose Insolcorp PCM?

We are a global leader in PCM’s, with expertise in both inorganic and organic formulations. We focus primarily on inorganic PCM’s due to their inherent safety with respect to flammability, high energy density and low cost.

Available PCM’s range in temperatures between -80ºC [-112ºF] to 78ºC [172ºF]

Our PCM’s are non-toxic, safe, have high density and are abundant in nature.

Looking for a solution to your temperature and energy problems?