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ULT Backup Kit

ULT Backup Kit is an innovative technology for Ultra Low Temperature storage and logistics, delivering significant improvements (8+hours in some applications) in cryogenic freezer warm up times during critical downtime, while also allowing optimized ULT freezer setpoint to achieve substantial energy savings (+30%).

Bulk PCM

Insolcorp has a wide range of PCM’s to suite many applications. While we have capabilities in both organic and inorganic PCM, our pre-engineered formulations available and listed are 100% inorganic PCM materials. We are the leading manufacturer and developer of inorganic PCM’s in America today, and have temperature ranges which service -70ºC to 78ºC and everything in between.

Our standard formulations are available for small or bulk quantity orders. If you do not see a temperature or product that fits your needs, please contact us to discuss. In many cases we are able to tailor to your needs.