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Templok PCM Tile

Templok PCM Tile is a semi-rigid tile or panel designed specifically to nest within a regular suspended ceiling grid system or within walls or ceilings of commercial and residential buildings. Measuring 23.75” x 23.75”, it is easily laid over top of existing ceiling tiles inside the grid system.

Templok is Class A fire rated, washable, creates no dust, no mold and contains no toxic materials. It is incredibly durable and uses medical grade sealing technology to encapsulate our high performance PCM. It is a far superior alternative to insulation above ceiling tiles, and can generate significant reductions in HVAC run time, and achieve short paybacks. 

Templok is made in USA, by Insolcorp in North Carolina

Templok-ULT Backup Kit

Templok-ULT Backup Kit is an innovative technology for Ultra Low Temperature storage and logistics, delivering significant improvements (8+hours in some applications) in cryogenic freezer warm up times during critical downtime, while also allowing optimized ULT freezer setpoint to achieve substantial energy savings (+30%).


Templok-AIR™ is a standard unitary 24″x24″x48″ OR custom designed A-TES™ Active Thermal Energy Management system for air based HVAC.

The system is a new 2021 solution, and is primarily designed to pre-condition ventilation outside air or recirculation air in open space buildings.

At night when temperatures are cool, the PCM inside the unit is frozen and releases it’s heat to the atmosphere while freezing. During day, the PCM melts and pre-cools incoming ventilation air or recirculating air. Sometimes by as much as 10ºF to 15ºF.

A natural cooling solution, it add’s HVAC capacity at the times you need it most.

Bulk PCM

Insolcorp has a wide range of PCM’s to suite many applications. While we have capabilities in both organic and inorganic PCM, our pre-engineered formulations available and listed are 100% inorganic PCM materials. We are the leading manufacturer and developer of inorganic PCM’s in America today, and have temperature ranges which service -70ºC to 78ºC and everything in between.

Our standard formulations are available for small or bulk quantity orders. If you do not see a temperature or product that fits your needs, please contact us to discuss. In many cases we are able to tailor to your needs.

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