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Industrial Manufacturing, IOWA – Temperature Management

This was the second of multiple manufacturing facilities for this fortune 500 company.

Like other facilities, this location also had sensitive air movement requirements, compounded with having challenging heat stress problems for both workers and product manufacturing.


  • Heat load from ovens, machinery & process equipment had negative impact production in warm months.
  • Ambient temperatures and internal  heat load results in high plant heat index and lower worker productivity.
  • Production declined with ambient temperature increase


  • Installed 85,000sf of PCM supplied by Insolcorp to underside of metal roof deck.
  • PCM intended to absorb plant internal generated heat load and drop plant temperature to improve working environment.


  • Factory peak temperature reduction in excess of 20 degrees F
  • Factory production levels now remain consistent throughout the year with no increase in operating expense (HVAC, or maintenance).
  • Dramatic improvement in worker comfort and productivity.
  • Reports indicated benefits in winter of reduction in sever temperature drops, which often caused severe condensation and freezing issues with machinery. Resulting in less equipment and production issues in winter.

Peak Reduction of 15ºF – 20ºF
Hourly Average Reduction of 8ºF

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