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Industrial Manufacturing, IOWA – Temperature Management

This was the second of multiple manufacturing facilities for this fortune 500 company. Like other facilities, this location also had sensitive air movement requirements, compounded with having challenging heat stress problems for both workers and product manufacturing. PROBLEM: Heat load from ovens, machinery & process equipment had negative impact production in warm months. Ambient temperatures […]

University of Maryland Medical Center [UMMC]

In 2018, University of Maryland Medical Center installed Insolcorp’s Phase Change Material [PCM] at the Stoler Pavilion (Outpatient Cancer Care). The purpose of the installation was to investigate the efficacy of the PCM as a strategy for resolving comfort complaints. The infusion/chemotherapy treatment area is an extension of the main lobby of the University of […]

Middle School – New Hampshire USA

In December of 2015, this NH Middle School installed 11,000sf of Insolcorp PCM above drop ceilings of the school during a roof renovation project. PCM mats were placed directly on top of the ceilings with a total installation time of 3 days for three men. The location of the PCM mats was in a wing […]